Want to make sure you select your best Spray Tan Company?  Maui Elegant Tan recommends you ensure they have a variety of solutions that are not a “one size coa

fits all” type of product.  We stock several brands ensuring we meet the customersneeds and tanning preference.

Additionally~timing is important when choosing a Spray Tan Consultant.  Ensure the company fits your needs.  If you have a special event on a Saturday, schedule an appointment for Thursday or latest on Friday to make sure the tan has time to develop and look your best.

Finally,  make sure the price fits your budget.  Many Hotels or Salons over charge for their spray tanning services.  Use your local small businesses to avoid an inflated fee.  Small businesses with updated, professional websites and reviews are generally just as good or more experienced as they focus on spray tanning only and do not have large over head expenses.

Happy flawless tanning,