Spray Tan Care

Spray Tan Care

Wendy wants each and every one of her clients to have the spray tan care information they need to insure a beautiful spray tan, preparing before the spray tanning session and caring for your spray tan afterwards so that it will last the maximum five to ten days. She has graciously provided a Spray Tan Care list. Here are her best tips and tricks.

Preparation before Spray Tanning

• Do not wear make-up, lotion, or deodorant before your spray tan.

• Do not use a self tan product before your spray tan, especially Jergens Glow. All of these self tan products will change the color of your luxury spray tan, and may cause it to look streaky. If you have already applied a self tanner, please scrub all of it off before your spray tan appointment.

• If possible, shower 2–4 hours prior to your tan. You need enzymes on your skin to interact with the tanning solution. If you follow this rule, your tan will last longer and be the color you want. If not, I will highly advise you to purchase a renew mitt for $12. Many people rinse only 1 hour before and will get a nice outcome, however the best rule is 2–4 hours prior to your tan.

• After showering, rub your body dry with a towel for a little bit of extra exfoliation.

• Exfoliate 8 to 24 hours before your spray tan for the best outcome. Use an exfoliation glove or a wash cloth and a paraben free soap.

• Your legs should be shaved 8 to 24 hours before your tan. If less than 8-24 hours, please shave and follow with a cold rinse to close the pores.

• Bring a dark short sleeve t-shirt, not a tank top, to put on while you dry to avoid skin on skin contact under the arms. Due to the heat and climate change you may experience underarm perspiration.

• If you’d like to wax and have a manicure and pedicure, do so before your spray tan session.

• Be sure to not leave anything on your skin. This includes soap residue, shaving cream residue, lotion, body oil, and sunscreen. If you have fresh, clean, clear skin, your spray tan is going to absorb better and last longer.

• Rub your body dry with a towel. This will give your skin just a little bit of extra exfoliation.

• Wear very loose, dark clothing to your spray tan appointment. Avoid putting on a bra right after your session, while your spray tan is still developing. Loose swimsuit cover-ups, sundresses, large T-shirts, and drawstring shorts or pants are perfect choices. Yoga pants or tight clothes will rub against your new spray tan, so leave the form-fitting clothes at home.

• Women may undress to their comfort level.  Men must wear boxers or briefs.

Spray Tan Care Afterwards

• Do not shower or sweat excessively for the next eight to ten hours after your spray tan.

• For rapid spray tans, do not shower or sweat excessively for the next one to four hours. You will be given the rinse-off time and special instructions.

• Do not shave for the first twelve hours after your spray tan and first shower. If you must, use a fresh razor.

• The first shower after your spray tan should be with cool water and no soap. You may see the tanning bronzer rinse off. Don’t worry, your spray tan will still be on your skin. It’s just the body bronzer that’s rinsing off.

• Use your hands as your washcloth in the shower.

• Use a body wash that is mild and sulfate-free. Sulfates will strip off a spray tan. So will harsh soaps like anti-bacterial soaps, Dove, Dial, Ivory, Nivea, and Oil of Olay. Stick to a salon suggested body wash or an organic brand at your local health food store.

• Avoid putting things on your skin that are drying or bleaching like chlorine and alcohol. This includes perfume. Use sparingly on wrists and behind ears.

• Avoid wearing tight clothing as much as possible. If you are wearing skin tight jeans, workout bras, and tops that are form fitting, constantly rubbing on the surface of the skin, you’re going to rub off your spray tan. Come prepared to your session with loose fitting clothes and flip-flops to wear home.

• The most important thing that you can do to make your spray tan last longer is to moisturize twice every day with a spray tan friendly moisturizer. Be very careful to avoid any products that contain mineral oil, which will strip off your color. Hydrated skin ensures that the spray tan will be even and will stay on your skin as long as possible.