I was fortunate to meet ​Fabiola, the owner of Sobe Tan in Miami, Florida, at the Association of Spray Tan Professionals 2018 Conference.  What a joy it was to meet my long time hero, mentor and now, friend.  Her company, Sobe Tan, is where all of the celebrities and stars tan when visiting Miami Beach.

Fabiola, a spray tan expert extraordinaire, is such a down to earth person. I learned a lot of tips from her. We even have something in common – we use one of the same spray tan solutions! How exciting it was to learn that I use the same solution she uses on J Lo!

Additionally, I met another Los Angeles Spray Tan Expert. She tans Lindsey Vonn, Brittany Cartwright, Lisa Vanderpump and more with our favorite spray tan formula! The exact same formula J Lo loves!

If celebrities adore & trust the solution we found in 2014, then so should you!

This solution is non-sticky, natural, infused with hydrating ingredients.  It is the most popular tanning formula Maui Elegant Tan stocks. A color for every skin tone, I mix different ‘cocktails’ of the brand to match your skin’s undertone and your color preference.

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