You have achieved your ideal color and now you want to keep it lasting as long as possible. You might be asking, “How do I do make my tan last?” The key to a long-lasting tan is having well moisturized skin and using a high quality tan extender. Treat yourself to a tan extender this holiday season.

Your skin is constantly regenerating…

Since skin cells fall off on a daily basis, it is important to keep your skin well moisturized. This ensures a longer lasting, deeper tan. The tan extender should be used once per day on clean skin.  The extender moisturizes and provides DHA that helps prolong the tan and assists with a beautiful fade.  DHA is the ingredient in the spray tan solution that makes you tan.

Maui Elegant Tan‘s extender ensures your tan is maintained after you have left our studio.  It is packed with eco-certified DHA to extend & boost the life of your tan.

You’ve taken the time to prepare and come in for your special spray tan.  Treat yourself to a tan extender to ensure you receive the longest tan possible.  The tan extender must be salon quality for spray tans.  Don’t spend $50 on a tan and ruin it with drug store self tanners like Jergens or others that will change the color of your tan.

Also, you can use your left over extender for a gradual tanner!

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