One of the most popular reasons for a man to spray tan comes in the form of competitive bodybuilding and fitness competitions. However, there are some males who, like females, frequently receive a spray tan. Spray tanning is a convenient option for the man who wants a youthful, bronze complexion.

Tanning for men is different than tanning for women. Men typically have more body hair than women. A man’s skin also needs more spray tanning solution.

Here are a few tips for men to remember before their spray tanning appointment:

Preparing the skin for a spray tanning session involves a shower and exfoliation beforehand. Exfoliating, removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin; which makes the tanning spray absorb easier and results in a more even tan.

Men are typically hairier than women. Too much body hair can cause streaks or blotches after tanning. Shaving too soon after a spray tan can interfere with the darkening process. Make sure you do it before your session.

What to Wear
Wear very loose, dark clothing to your spray-tan appointment. Large t-shirts, and drawstring shorts or pants are perfect choices. Tight clothes will rub against your new spray tan, so leave the form-fitting clothes at home.

If a spray tan is exposed to water too soon, it can cause streaks and uneven spots. Wait at least 8 hours before you shower or swim.

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