Honestly,  I believe there are as many spray tan solutions on the market as hair color.  They come in all shades and claim they are the best on the market.  When I started my spray tan career 4 years ago in Lahaina, Maui, I never dreamed I would become obsessed with tanning solutions.  I fell into a common problem of  many spray tan businesses~testing and investing in to many solutions. It was so overwhelming and I just wanted to tan my clients with the best solution on the market.  The facts is…there are many high quality solutions with amazing color,  however finding one that works year round in Hawaii was the challenge.  The good news is…I now use a product line that meets all my expectations and high standards.

Maui Elegant Tan is the only company in Hawaii that carries these exclusive blends.  It is paraben and gluten free with ingredients such as white tea and cucumber extracts, vitamins A & C and others.

When you are selecting your Spray Tan Technician ask them about their experience and their tanning solutions. Remember you are trusting this person with tanning your entire body and the tan will last 7 to 10 days.  It is on your skin for your wedding day, once in a life time vacation or your everyday glow.  The quality of solution is critical to the outcome of your tan.  Additionally how you prepare and take care of your tan is very important too.

I hope you choose Maui Elegant Tan for your tanning needs and experience a tan that is customized to your skin tone and desired outcome. Remember spray tan solution is key when it comes to a gorgeous tan!