Prepping your skin for your custom spray tan application is very important. You would not paint over a red wall without priming it first, right? Same goes for tanning. The better you prep your skin before your spray tan, the longer your airbrush spray tan will last!

Step 1. Exfoliate:

You want to make sure you exfoliate your skin really well, this way the solution will be adhering to the nice fresh and new skin, rather then skin that is dead and ready to flake off. You can use anything you want to prep. If you have a Clarisonic, brush with the body attachment. If you do not have a Clarisonic you do not have to buy one, any scrub will do. I often forget to charge my Clarisonic so I just use a wash cloth and that works great to.

Step 2. Shave:

Have you ever heard of the phrase “shaving off you tan“? Well it is somewhat true. Your legs are not going to be completely white after the first time you shave, but you will notice a difference, so make an effort to shave really well before your tanning session.

Step 3. Dry off:

Rub you body dry with a towel, this will give your skin just a little bit of extra exfoliation; remember you do not want to rub you skin dry after your tanning session.

Step 4. No lotion, makeup  or deodorant:

I know its hard but refrain form putting on deodorant, makeup and lotions. The lotion and makeup will act as a barrier between you skin and the solution so will not get the maximum absorption out of your tan. And if you wear deodorant it will turn green.

Step 5. Choose you tanning garment:

The last and final step will be to choose what you would like to tan in. Keep in mind whatever you wear will give you lines, some people like the lines but some don’t. It is completely up to you, you can wear you bikini or go nude the choice is yours.

We will take care of the rest making you look and feel beautiful!

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