Rapid solutions are a convenient way to spray tan. These tans still produce the same results you would expect to see with a standard tan. Rapid tans allow you to rinse off in a fraction of the time. After rinsing,  you can exercise, head out for a night on the town and even get caught in the rain without having to worry about ruining your tan!



One question I often get asked is, ” How long should I leave the rapid tan on my skin?” The amount of time is determined by the type of tan you want to achieve and your skin type. I ask several questions to determine the rinse time.

Those questions include:

“Do you burn and never tan?”

“Do you never burn and want a dark tan?”

“What is your color preference?”

How Rapid Tans Are Made

Rapid solutions are made by blending and preparing the ingredients so that the amino acids in your skin interact with the DHA faster than with a standard tan. Does this mean that you will tan quicker? No, it means that you do not need as long of an exposure to become tanned. Think of it as the same way that we tan naturally. We need to stay out for less time in strong sunlight (rapid tans) to get the same tan that we achieve by staying out all day in weaker sunlight (standard tans).

Below are a few of the questions I often receive about Rapid Tans.

Will my rapid tan last as long as a standard tan?
A rapid tan should last just as long as a standard tan. There should not be anything that you have to do to prepare for a rapid tan that you did not have to do to prepare for a standard tan.

I washed off and my tan disappeared, what happened? 
Don’t panic! DHA requires a set amount of time to tan your skin. Some rapid tan solutions can be washed off faster. It does not matter what solution you are using, it still requires the same amount of time to produce the tan. What you washed off was the bronzer, the temporary color, in the solution. Your tan will continue to develop and darken over the next several hours. The tan will develop similar to the shade you were looking for.

Can I actually get wet?
Once you have washed off the bronzer portion of the rapid tan, you are good to go! One of the best features of rapid tans is the huge convenience factor that comes with them. You simply do not have to worry about getting caught in the rain and you can hit the gym as hard as you normally do without fear. You can get wet but cannot swim in the ocean or pool for 12-24 hours as the tan is still developing.

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