Since I opened the doors on Maui Elegant Tan five years ago, I have had countless spray-tanning sessions with brides, wedding parties, and yes, even grooms. Weddings are so important to me, and I always strive to help people be their best, most radiant selves on the big day.

And for better or for worse, photography is a huge part of that day. You’ll naturally want to hold on to those wonderful memories forever, but looking photo-perfect in each and every picture can be, well—stressful. A bride can definitely feel the pressure of needing to have the perfect dress, a perfect hairstyle, and of course, perfect skin. In that case, it’s spray tanning to the rescue! A faux glow can absolutely make you feel more confident and gorgeous on your wedding day.

I’ve been working with photographer extraordinaire Erica Tait of Maui’s TAIT Photography, and as a wedding and boudoir photographer, she certainly has an eye for how spray tanning can enhance and improve photos. She shot many of the images on my new and improved website, and I knew she’d be an ideal person to share tips for brides (and wedding photographers!) here on the blog.

Erica says, “A spray tan helps improve the look of a bride in photos immensely. It helps the bride stand out from her white dress, it makes her look slimmer, and her teeth and eyes will look brighter in the photographs. Most importantly, there will be no tan lines when a woman has a professional spray tan. Nothing is worse than a bride wearing a beautiful strapless gown, but has defined tan lines from time in the sun in her swimsuit.”

Erica’s Top 3 Tips for Radiant Wedding Photos

1. I would recommend that the entire wedding party be spray-tanned. This way, no one will look pale compared to the bride. Plus, a tanning party for the bride and her best friends is a fun pre-wedding pampering event. Even the groom, who also wants to looks his best for the wedding, can benefit from a spray tan to match his bride.


2. A professional spray tan, like one from Maui Elegant Tan, is a MUST. I have photographed brides with unfortunate tan lines, or those with blotchy or orange skin from self-tanners. The worst tan experience I have seen is a bride with extremely orange hands having to constantly show her left hand to guests who wanted to see her ring. Her orange, blotchy hands affected the photos, especially the images that focused on her ring. Unfortunately, photographers do not often retouch tan lines. It is extremely difficult to retouch tan lines and still make it look natural, as they often cover a large percentage of the woman’s exposed skin. A woman’s décolletage is a sensitive area, and should look natural and defined with a soft, natural tan from a spray tan expert like Wendy.

3. Exfoliation prior to a spray tan is very important. I also know that Wendy is a spray-tanning expert who has researched solutions and techniques for the optimal natural-looking tan. (You can read my tips for achieving your best tan ever by visiting my Tan Care page.)


Erica says, “Instead of tanning in a bed or in the sun, I am thrilled that brides have a way of getting a bronzed, sun-kissed glow to their skin without sacrificing their skin’s health. I used to be opposed to spray tanning for photos, but now that I can see that there is a way for women to look completely natural rather than orange.”

She goes on to say, “In the photos I have created with Wendy’s clients, they have always looked extremely natural and beautiful. Everyone who sees the photos that I have previously taken for would never guess that the subject in the photos has been spray-tanned, as they always have that healthy glow that looks natural. Self-tanning is definitely not worth the risk for an event as important as your wedding.”


And I could not agree with Erica more. Using a drugstore product or spending an extra hour or two in the sun is not worth it for a day as important as your wedding. These photos will last a lifetime, and I have no doubt that you want to look your best. And I can help you do just that! So, feel free to call me for a consultation or visit my Book Now page to make your pre-wedding reservation today. And be sure to take a look at Erica’s website as well to see more of her beautiful photos. The two of us help brides truly shine and radiate beauty in our own special ways.