Organic spray tanning has taken the lead in the spray tan industry because it offers a generous amount of advantages over traditional spray tanning.

In an organic spay tan, wrinkles, dry skin, irritation, rashes and other skin problems are diminished. This type of spray tanning binds the moisture in the skin and repairs skin cells that have been damaged by the harsh sun rays. It eliminates the formation of dried out skin which normally occurs after traditional spray tanning. All this occurs because organic spray tanning comprises of 100% organic and natural ingredients. This means no synthetic colors, parabens, alcohol, oil, perfume, or odor exists in the solution. Organic spray tan solution is vegan and it does not expose you to the harmful UV rays.

Traditional spray tanning has its benefits too but it cannot surpass the benefits of organic spray tanning as it may contain preservatives and chemicals that can be harsh for sensitive skin. Some solutions have also been known to contain lead, mercury, and arsenic – all of which dry out the skin and lead to serious skin problems.

In addition, organic spray tanning creates tans that last long and fade evenly because it intensively hydrates the skin. It also disguises cellulite and blemishes to produce an evenly toned body.

As an added bonus organic spray tan solutions is odor-free, so it does not contain the same unpleasant scent that traditional spray tan solutions contain.

Organic spray tanning is not just an improved version of traditional spray tanning, it is definitely an excellent choice for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of sunless tanning without harming their skins.

What’s more to organic spray tanning is that it costs almost the same amount as traditional spray tanning! If you can pay the same amount for an organic spray tan as you would for a traditional spray tan, why not try the safer choice?

Opt for an organic spray tan to get a gorgeous tan and be beautifully healthy at the same time.