Clients ask me every day how to make a spray tan last.  After your spray tan you want  it to last 5 to 10 days and and look as natural as possible.  The more your do to prepare and care for your spray tan the more beautiful and long lasting it will be!  

Use these tips to prepare and take care of your new freshly sprayed tan!

EXFOLIATE before you get your sunless tan. Do this at least 3-4 hours prior to your appointment or the day before. A simple wash cloth is all you need to do this. You can skip the sugar and salt scrubs that may leave an oily film on your skin. Be sure to not leave anything on your skin. This includes soap residue, shaving cream residue, lotion, body oil and sunscreen. If you have fresh, clean, clear skin your spray tan is going to absorb better and last longer.  Don’t forget those hard to reach areas like your back.  Exfoliating first is very important.

Second –   Avoid wearing tight clothing as much as possible.   In other words, if you are wearing skin-tight jeans, workout bras and tops that are skin tight, and constantly rubbing on the surface of the skin, you’re going to be rubbing off your tan. So come prepared with LOOSE fitting clothes and flip flops to wear home. Try to wear things like skirts, or loose clothing that won’t rub against your tan too much. Use your hands as your wash cloth in the shower.  It’s not permanent, so anything that you can do to avoid rubbing against the tan, will make it last the longest.

Third – Use a body wash that is mild & sulfate free. Sulfates will strip off a spray tan. So will harsh soaps like anti-bacterial soaps, Dove, Dial, Ivory, Nivea & Oil of Olay. Stick to a salon suggested body wash or an organic brand at your local health food store.

Forth  – Avoid putting things on your skin that are drying or bleaching like alcohol ( this includes perfume – use sparingly on wrists, behind ears etc. ) and chlorine. These things will completely mess up your spray tan color.

The most IMPORTANT thing that you can do to make your tan last longer, is to MOISTURIZE twice every day with a spray tan friendly moisturizer. Be very careful to avoid any all products that contain mineral oil, which will strip off your color. Hydrated skin will not exfoliate as much on its own. This ensures the tan will stay even, and it will stay on your skin as long as possible.

Follow the above tips and the read the prep/after care instructions

Making your spray tan last is simple if you follow the professional suggestions of your Spray Tan Consultant!