We are so excited to announce that we have a new solution at Maui Elegant Tan. Exotic deep dark colors, combined with a luxurious exotic skin treatment, this solution is made in a certified organic environment and formulated/clinically tested by the medical industry.

The solution is suitable for all skin tones, counteracting any orange undertones to produce a deep bronzed look. Manufacturing breakthroughs allow the direct infusion of 11 different hydrating oils, while producing enhanced skin elasticity and anti-aging properties.

What’s even more exciting? This solution also offers a 2 hour rapid tan! You may be asking what the difference is between an 8 hour tan and a 2 hour tan. DHA starts to develop the moment the solution is put onto the skin and continues to develop for the next 18-24 hours. The rinse at 20 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour, etc washes off the bronzer and dilutes the concentration of the solution on the skin. A tan that is left on for longer will develop darker.

We will also be carrying pre and post tan care products – body wash, lotion, tan extender to help your tans last 7-10 days.

We can’t wait for you try it!