Maui Elegant Tan has added competition tanning to it’s menu of services! When it comes to competition tanning on Maui, Maui Elegant Tan is prepared to provide the darkest tan possible to show off your chiseled muscles and lean body.

If you are a competitor don’t chance all your hard work at the gym and all those days of strict dieting to a home tan job.  Why would you do that?

I have found the best competition tanning solution on the market.  It has been designed to give a luxurious deep dark tan that continues developing over 8 hours. This innovative formula enhances muscle definition and body contours so you stand out in a crowd, and even more important  you shine on stage. The tan solution is a  deep brown, odorless, non-sticky, and fast drying  designed for all skin types. It contains a blend of natural ingredients to deliver a well defined very dark tan while hydrating and moisturizing your skin. The solution includes a bronzer allowing competitors to go as dark as they need without fear of over development , it just deepens the color with each coat. Your competition spray tan will last between 5 – 7 days and will fade away evenly.

Book now for your next competition and call Wendy Stebbins, Owner of Maui Elegant Tan at 808-276-7733.