From disease and sickness prevention, to skin care and beauty, there are hundreds of ways to benefit from coconut oil.  This super food has been used throughout the ages for its healing and nutrient rich properties.  Today I am going to list four ways to use coconut in your daily beauty routine.


1. The hair mask – Are you struggling with dry and damaged hair?  Try putting coconut oil on the tips on your hair 30-60 minutes before your shower.  Do this two-three times a week and you will notice softer and more manageable tresses.

2. Makeup remover – Instead of using harsh makeup remove towelettes, try using coconut oil to remove that stubborn eye makeup.  You will be surprised at home much easier your makeup comes off.  However, if you tend to have skin prone to breakouts be sure to use a cleanser after removing your makeup.

3. Lotion and body oil – Use coconut oil straight out of the shower on your body.  It helps to keep your skin soft for prolonged periods of time and it smells great.

4. Shaving cream – Traditional shaving creams tend to leave skin dry and irritable. However, using coconut oil in your shaving ritual leaves your legs feeling smooth and can help prevent razor burn.

If you do plan on taking up coconut oil as a regular part of your beauty routine, make sure you are buying organic extra-virgin coconut oil that is cold pressed and unrefined.