Wedding: Countless brides, grooms, and wedding party members have used Maui Elegant Tan to look luminous and sun-kissed for the big day. Erica Tait, owner of Tait Photography, says, “In the photos I have created with Wendy’s clients, they have always looked extremely natural and beautiful. Everyone who sees the photos that I have previously taken for would never guess that the subject in the photos has been spray-tanned, as they always have that healthy glow that looks natural. Self-tanning is definitely not worth the risk for an event as important as your wedding.”

Prom: One of the most asked questions is, “When should I start tanning before prom?” I always recommend spray tanning at least two days before any big event. If you are planning on getting a spray tan for your prom, it is always best to book your appointment at least a month in advance. That way you won’t be scrambling to find openings at the last minute. Tanning salons tend to fill up during prom season.

Vacation: There’s nothing worse than ruining a vacation by sitting inside or in the shade because of a sunburn. Many people who are fair-skinned get a spray tan prior to going on vacation in order to reduce the risk of getting a sunburn while on vacation. Please remember that a spray tan will not offer protection from the sun. Be sure to use a sun cream with UVB or UVF protection if you are out in the sun for an extended period of time.

Holiday Party:  Who doesn’t want to ‘wow’ the crowd at their next holiday party? Fashion magazine trends for 2017 feature bare shoulders, open backs, leg splits, bare arms and plunging necklines. Everyone knows a spray tan gives you an instant confidence boost. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman! Walk into your holiday party feeling radiant and confident with your spray tan.

Graduation: While soon-to-be graduates are preparing for their walk down the auditorium aisle to receive their diplomas and getting ready for end of the year parties, a spray tan is a must have accessory for many. Graduates want to look and feel their best, making a lasting a impression as they venture into the world on their own for the first time.

Black Tie Dinner: Black tie is a semi-formal dress code for evening events and social functions. Traditionally worn only for events after 7 p.m., black tie is less formal than white tie but more formal than informal or business dress. The perfect accessory to accentuate the features of an evening gown is a spray tan. Look and feel your best at your next black tie affair.

Red Carpet Event: When getting ready for a big event, investing in the hottest red carpet tanning trend is a must! Stand out from the crowd, against the red carpet and backdrops, with a radiant glow.  As always, it is recommended that a spray tan be booked at least two days prior to the event.

Pageant: Tanning for a beauty pageant is a must! The right tan will make you look healthy, lean, and radiant. One reason to tan for a pageant is the swimsuit competition. The judges will notice either pale skin or golden skin. Having the right tan is just one  of the essential things you must do to look and feel your very best during the competition.

Fitness Competition: Anyone who has ever attended a fitness competition knows that an essential element of the process is getting a spray tan.  In order to perform well, competitors must present their best selves on stage.  One element in doing so is spray tanning prior to the competition. This allows the judges to see your physique.  Performance tans factor into the final scores. Fitness competitors want to ensure that their tan is highlighting all of their hard work.

Photo Shoot: You might be thinking about getting a spray tan if you have an important photo shoot scheduled. A tan will make you look thinner, your teeth look whiter, eyes look brighter and cover up most skin imperfections. Spray tan artists can contour to enhance or slim certain body parts. We highly recommend scheduling your appointment at least two days prior to your photo shoot.