Flip through any weekly tabloid, and you’re sure to see plenty of celebrities frolicking on sun-drenched beaches or relaxing in lounge chairs, clearly covered in tanning oil and soaking up rays. Celebrities—they’re just like us! Who hasn’t come home from the beach with a sunburn? Or tan lines? Or that feeling that you just caused major damage to your skin?

Instead, make like the following celebrities and get a spray tan! Your skin will thank you for it, especially if the tanning solution is organic (like the kind we use with our clients). Although we don’t know the spray tan of choice for each of these celebs, we do know that they are all radiant with that healthy, natural glow that can only come from a professional spray tan.

Kim Kardashian

Image 1

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that her spray tan is gorgeous.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox et Shia Labeouf au Georges V à Paris, pour la promo du film Transformers 2 : la revanche

Known for appearing in edge-of-your seat movies, Megan’s spray tan is just as dramatic as her blockbuster films.

Jessica Alba

Image 3

The girl next door has that perfect girl-next-door glow to match.

Mariah Carey

Image 4

So, her movie Glitter was clearly not a success, but no one can doubt that this girl doesn’t know how to sparkle.

Zac Efron

Image 5

Yes, famous dudes spray tan, too! Especially when they need to show off abs that are as enviable as Zac’s.

Mila Kunis

Image 6

When she’s not hanging with hubby Ashton Kutcher, you’ll more than likely find Mila getting a professional spray tan.

Rob Lowe

Image 7

It’s official—Rob Lowe doesn’t age. And we think that the spray tan helps him look even younger!

Selena Gomez

Image 8

Is she with Justin Bieber? Or isn’t she? Well, the thing we do know for sure is that her spray tan makes her look radiant.

Lea Michele

Image 9

When she’s working those serious pipes up on stage, Lea needs a spray tan to help her truly shine.

Victoria Beckham

Image 10

On those cloudy, rainy London days, Victoria still looks perfectly bronzed thanks to her beautiful spray tans.